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2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms

2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms

Published: October 4, 2013
Type: Benchmark Survey
Length: 300 Pages
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This comprehensive study reports and analyzes financial performance statistics and ratios for environmental consulting firms. Financial data for this report were collected from a select group of U.S. environmental consulting firms that answered questions about how their firms are dealing with critical finance and accounting issues. Firms also filled out a detailed income statement and balance sheet for the most recently completed fiscal year.

Participating firms were of every size and type--providing a broad range of environmental services--and came from every region of the country.

For the purposes of the survey, environmental consulting firms are defined as professional service firms that derive at least 30% of their annual gross revenue from environmental consulting projects. The purpose of this rule is to allow multidiscipline firms that work in areas other than the environment (which includes many of the leading environmental consulting firms) to participate.

The survey was designed to identify all the types of environmental projects firms are active in, from laboratory testing to “hands-on” remediation. Comparative analytical data is provided based on the specific work performed by individual firms.

The survey data can be used to help set financial performance goals and benchmarks, compare personnel costs and financial ratios, and examine the performance of a specific firm in comparison with industry-wide norms. This report will prove valuable not only to firm principals and their financial staff, but also to those outside the industry who would like to see what kind of financial performance is typical in environmental consulting firms throughout the United States.


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The 2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms will help you:
  • Compare your firm's financial performance to your competitors--find out where you're ahead and where you're behind
  • Improve financial statements and accounting methods 
  • Maximize profitability--Find out what typical bonus, personnel, rent & utilities, and other expenses are for a firm of your size
  • Get compensation data on financial managers
  • Develop your strategic business plan and growth strategy based on what similar environmental firms are expecting in growth and profits over the next three, five, and ten years.
  • Get a handle on the latest issues and challenges facing the environmental industry.

The 2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms contains more than 30 different major financial performance statistics so you can find out exactly where your firm stands among your peers. Use the data from the overall sample or take advantage of the details in the tables to compare your firm to others by type, size, region of headquarters, growth rate, and client base.

Financial performance statistics are just the beginning of this comprehensive report. Go beyond the revenue and profit data to chargeability, revenue factor, overhead rates, average collection period, backlog, staff turnover, and more to see which areas your firm could improve. Use the data on personnel expenses, rent and utilities, and professional liability insurance to see if your firm is spending more than necessary on overhead expenses.

In addition to financial performance and spending statistics, the survey also shows data on top financial managers and finance and accounting staff percentages. Does your firm have the staff resources it needs to stay on top of all financial and administration issues? Find out! This survey will show you the typical breakdown of F&A staff for a firm of your size.

The 2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms also shows you historical revenue and profit data and growth predictions for the next three, five, and ten years. If you're a president, CEO, principal, or financial manager of an environmental consulting firm, you won't want to miss out on this data when it comes to developing your firm's strategic business plan. This survey will let you take a hard look at where you've been, and it can help you plan where you're going. You'll have all the information you need to set goals and to know what kind of infrastructure is necessary to achieve those goals.

Topics covered in this comprehensive report include:

Key financial statistics. We've broken down everything from net service revenue and profitability measures to labor multipliers, turnover rates, and professional/technical to administrative staff ratios in one chapter that will show you exactly where you stand compared to your competition.

Personnel costs. We took five major types of personnel costs: payroll taxes; vacation, holiday & sick leave; group insurance; pension, profit sharing & 401(k) plans; and bonuses and measured them against five standard benchmarks (total labor, total costs, net service revenue, gross revenue, and per employee) so you can make comparisons between your firm and others. Data are included for the past five years so you can see how your historical spending compares to other firms’ spending. This section also includes data on workers’ compensation premiums and claims.

Growth projections. What do environmental firms project for the next three, five, and ten years? Use this data to set your firm’s goals for the future!

Finance & accounting staff. When is it typical for environmental firms to add a CFO to their finance & accounting staff? How much do top financial managers get paid? What’s their background and how many years of work experience do they usually have? Are most CPAs? How does your financial manager's compensation compare to the industry average? And if you’re a firm president or CEO, make sure your top financial manager’s credentials are up to par!

Other financial statistics. In addition to all the above information, we’ve also covered a range of other miscellaneous topics, everything from financial software packages to cash flow reports and professional liability insurance to staff layoffs. All of this and more is laid out in this comprehensive report, complete with charts and graphs to help you get a handle on the big picture.

If you want to know how your firm’s performance stacks up against other environmental firms, the 2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms has ALL the answers you’re looking for. Get your copy today!




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